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2013 Honda Accord for sale Maple Ridge BC


Meet the all new 2013 Honda Accord - it's definitely something you'll want to experience. With coupe and sedan models available this year, it's a ride that does everything, all under the umbrella of luxury. The inspiring lines and shape of the 2013 Honda Accord, paired with it's entirely re-imagined interior, you will get the feeling you are driving a luxury sedan, not a well priced, well constructed Honda. And, with options like available LED headlamps, 18 inch aluminum alloy rims and a reinvented engine, the Accord raises the bar.


Step into the 2013 Honda Accord and you'll feel as comfortable as you are on your sofa, while you cruise delicately down the highway. Options like dual zone climate control regulate the temperature and air quality inside the car with an air filtration system. Heated front seats are also available to keep you taosty on chilly days. With the Accord Sedan, you'll also be able to choose heated seats in the back as well.

In the 2013 Accord, you'll be able to choose a 7-speaker stereo system that, at your choice, can include a subwoofer. Pair this up with the Honda active noise cancellation; you'll actually be able to hear just how amazing this system is while you drive. Chill out on your favourite drive to your favourite music.


The totally redeveloped 2013 Honda Accord has a strong, athletic look for drivers that require a stylish statement in the car they drive. The streamlined front grilles, along with available 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels make this car as sexy as it is stylish. Also available are fog lights to keep you safe as you drive!

Side view mirrors on the 2013 Honda Accord come equipped with available turn signal lights, letting oncoming vehicles know exactly where you're going. Also, a Honda first, daytimre running lights are projector beam LED lights; see the world differently from the Accord.

Performance / Fuel Economy

Honda's are known for fuel efficiency, but this year, we've topped the charts. We've found that balance between economy and power that every driver is looking for. We've used the most groundbreaking technology to come up with a 2.4 L direct injection engine, as well as a 3.5 Liter 24 valve V6 option.

Both models are outfitted with Eco Assist efficiency engineering. This system helps you drive as efficiently as possible by letting you know when you're driving the most efficiently. Also featured this year is the Groundbreaking ECON button. Just the press of a button modifies the engine and other systems in the car to ensure that the car is operating at the most fuel efficient capacity possible for that time. This intelligent technology is responsible for saving you hundreds of dollars in gas per year.

Fuel Efficiency:
  • The 2.4 Liter engine with an automatic transmission rates at 8.5 L/100 KM in the city and 5.7 L/100 KM on the highway.
  • The 2.4 Liter engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission rates at 7.8 L/100 KM in the city and 5.5 L/100 KM on the highway.
  • The 3.5 Liter V6 Engine rates at 9.7 L/100 KM in the city and 5.7 L/100 KM on the highway, and is not available with the continuously variable transmission.


Priced at under $24,000 the Honda Accord really tops the charts in all categories this year. You'll get a surprisingly luxurious car at a surprisingly low price. Get in touch with one of our product specialists today.