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2015 Honda Accord Hybrid in Maple Ridge, BC

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid in Maple Ridge, BC

  • Available in Hybrid and Hybrid Touring models
  • Impressive acceleration and 196 combined horsepower
  • Equipped with E-Continuously Variable transmission
  • Competitive fuel economy as low as 5.0-L/100 km combined rating

In a modern world drivers deserve effective technology that makes no compromises and delivers all the advantages. In this way Honda has done a phenomenal job of pursuing the goal through their impressive hybrid vehicle options. This year, the Honda Accord Hybrid takes front-stage with the same look that has won over Honda drivers in the past, only now - equipped with a fuel-conscious engine that will keep you on the road better and away from the gas station longer.

Note the sculpted, aerodynamic frame that emphasizes how carefully and successfully the Honda design and engineering team has been with creating a vehicle that stands out in a crowd. Join us today at Marv Jones Honda and test drive this elevated and discerning form of automotive ingenuity. We look forward to assist you and informing you on all things related to the amazing 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid!

Accord Hybrids in Maple Ridge

A fine fusion of modern technology and the future of driving, the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid is the type of vehicle that you'll want to boast about. Whether you're focusing on the 5.0-L/100 km combined fuel economy rating, or you're taken in by the expansive interior that has the ample space for all passengers involved, there's definitely a lot to enjoy on this Honda vehicle.

Look at the Eco Assist System that maintains a running log and effectively improves your driving. A combined horsepower rating of 196, this is a powerful presence on the road, wherever you're heading. On the 2015 model you'll further appreciate the ECON mode button, EV drive button, and the three-mode drive system that works for you to ensure that you've got the experience on the road you expected from a hybrid model.

Intelligently Designed

When you purchase a Honda Accord Hybrid you'll get the satisfaction that is born from advanced technology ranging from standard Bluetooth, multi-angle rearview camera, Honda LaneWatchTM Blind spot display and much more. Truly, the team behind this Accord understood and preemptively addressed the expectations of a wide range of drivers with a variety of styles to adopt.

Add to the fact that the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid comes with standard heated front seats, 8-way power adjustment and lumbar support on the driver's seat and security and safety features to make driving more enjoyable. The Hybrid Touring model offers a number of additional features including heated rear seats, leather-trim, and leather-wrapped steering wheel to improve comfort and style. Join us today at Marv Jones Honda and experience the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid! You'll be glad to you did!

Marv Jones Honda - Your Dealership for the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

When you want that extra-quality in service you want Marv Jones Honda. When you want to feel welcomed and enjoy driving away with a smile on your face knowing you got the best possible experience, well, you want Marv Jones Honda.

Our dealership stands atop the rest with experts that want to give you the advice and information to make the decision that's best for you. Come down to Marv Jones Honda and take the Honda Accord Hybrid for a test drive today and you too will see why car experts love this fantastic vehicle. Contact us today and find the vehicle that's right for you!