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The Best Compact Sedan in Maple Ridge, BC

Which is the Best Compact Sedan Available?

The compact sedan vehicle segment has had its share of highlights over the years - and more often than not it comes back to the Honda Civic. Still, with the recent updates and radical changes on the Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla it pays to compare the three and take note where and why they are, in fact, so different from one another. There's a lot to be said about these three compact sedans, so we'll break it down to the elements that have been designed to make these vehicles standout against the competition. With an assortment of titles that include Best-Selling Car in Canada for 16 Years in a Row, the Civic will be a difficult vehicle to beat.

2015 Honda Civic Vs. 2015 Mazda3

The Mazda3 has long attempted to be a direct competitor to the Civic and with this year's 5.7-L/100 km Highway fuel rating it certainly has stepped up its game. Beyond that, the Mazda3 is offered with both 2.0L and 2.5L engines that offer between 155 and 184 horsepower to contrast with the Civic's options including 143 horsepower on regular and up to a stellar 205 horsepower on the Si trim model.

If it is efficiency that you're looking for, the Civic is available in a hybrid model that really commits and nails down a fuel economy of only 5.0-L/100 km Highway. It's little wonder why the Civic is so positively regarded for its configuration options - and when you drive it you'll enjoy the additional cargo volume on the Civic you'll be able to bring even more along for the ride. More versatile and with better options, the Civic is easily the best compact sedan available, even against the attractive, but sadly uninspiring, Mazda3.

2015 Honda Civic Vs. 2015 Toyota Corolla

The Corolla saw a complete redesign with the launch of the 2014 model - everything from transmission to frame; interior as well as exterior received an overhaul as Toyota moved away from their old-fashioned sedan that had a growing reputation of being a 'grandmother's car'. This transformation certainly resulted in a more approachable appearance and improved interior space, but this is where the evolution of the car design seems to have stopped.

With Continuously Variable Transmission, the Toyota has moved away from traditional transmission options hoping to enjoy improved fuel efficiency that, despite this, can't keep up with the Civic's. The Corolla is reliable but it simply doesn't have the fun-factor of more horsepower and better handling that makes the Civic sedan a modern driver's dream.

Red 2015 Honda Civic Vancouver

Best Compact Sedan - 2015 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is the golden standard for the compact sedan segment. Whether you're a driver looking for efficiency or a driver that wants to have a vehicle that is optimized for a more spacious interior with an aerodynamic body that radiates style, you've found it on this incredible Honda vehicle. Simply look at the recent updates, the sculpted angles or the frame, and the amenities and you'll know that the Civic is the car for you. It doesn't hurt that the Civic is Canada's Best Selling Car for 16-Years in a row!

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