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2015 Honda Civic Hybrid in Maple Ridge, BC

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid in Maple Ridge, BC

  • 1.5-litre SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine with electric motor
  • Fuel efficiency from CVT and ECON modes
  • Impressive power from 110 horsepower
  • Bluetooth capabilities and multi-angle rearview camera
  • Advanced technology including Honda LaneWatch

Experience the technological advancements that have combined the effective components of modern engines with the next iteration electric motors that make the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid one of the most sophisticated vehicles on the road today. All of this without losing any of the features that have and continue to make the Civic name one of the most widely-respected vehicles in the Honda lineup.

When you consider the advantages that come with driving a car that has the 1.5-litre, 8-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder engine you can be sure that you aren't losing anything just because the name Hybrid is included. At an impressive 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque, there's not a whole lot you need to consider from a vehicle that gets you a fuel rating of 5.2-L/100 km combined. Join us today at Marv Jones Honda and test drive a Civic designed to take you farther for less!

The Civic Hybrid in Maple Ridge

Years of effort have gone into the movement forward with automotive designs and at the forefront we find the Civic Hybrid. Replete with features that will convince anyone not comfortable with the idea of Hybrid designs that this is the next step towards advancing vehicle development the world over, you'll enjoy mechanical advantages that include continuously variable transmission and efficiency amenities such as the ECON mode button.

Folding side mirrors and an aerodynamic body are only a few of the visible cues that go on to prove the importance of cleverly devised and intelligently implemented design decisions on the part of Honda's team of developers. Inside, passengers will find the ample space a welcomed feature while drivers will enjoy having rear camera available on the forward display. Along with handsfreelink Bluetooth to keep your focus on the road.

Finely Sculpted

If you are looking for a vehicle fit for the future - choose the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid and know that you have a vehicle that will test the lengths of time. Along with visibly impressive interior designs, the front seats on the 2015 Civic Hybrid are also heated for the continued comfort of drivers through every season. There are two USB connectors to allow for quick charging of multiple devices and with rear and front speakers you'll find a curious and effective balance of creature comforts.

Join us today at Marv Jones Honda and test drive this amazing feat of modern automotive design and engineering. This is a car that has both the look and the driving experience that drivers deserve.

Marv Jones Honda - Your Dealership for the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid

When you want that extra-quality in service you want Marv Jones Honda. When you want to feel welcomed and enjoy driving away with a smile on your face knowing you got the best possible experience, well, you want Marv Jones Honda.

Our dealership stands atop the rest with experts that want to give you the advice and information to make the decision that's best for you. Come down to Marv Jones Honda and take the Hybrid Civic for a test drive today and you too will see why car experts love this fantastic vehicle. Contact us today and find the vehicle that's right for you!