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Corrosion Control

Rust not only damages your vehicle's body and ruins the look, it lowers the value when you sell or trade it in. While modern vehicles are designed to reduce rust, many areas that are hard to reach still provide an optimal place for rust to begin. To fight back and prevent damage before it begins, consider investing in corrosion control for your new Honda vehicle.

Marv Jones Honda offers corrosion control for vehicles to help them last longer. This product is available to help your vehicle continue to look like new. Each one is designed to provide protection against rust and improve your vehicle's value. UV rays, harsh weather such as ice and snow or rain and humidity, extreme hot and cold temperatures and road pollutants can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Rust Protection Products

The Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection is a product that is waterproof and bonds to the metal with no drips or run-off. No drilling is required even though it is applied to the body between the exterior and interior panels. It is only needed once to protect against rust that begins on the inside of your vehicle's body and works its way out.

Protecting the undercarriage on your vehicle is essential and challenging. Weather and road conditions are hard on vehicles. Loose gravel, uneven pavement, and ice and snow can cause damage over time. A Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection is designed for this sensitive area and seals against moisture. Because it is pliable, it won't chip or crack and won't peel over time.

Benefits and Guarantees

If keeping your Honda vehicle looking like new is not incentive enough, you will enjoy other benefits from using Platinum Shield. This product works like a blanket to provide insulation for your car, truck or SUV. It protects against extreme hot or cold and reduces the noise from road vibrations. Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride wherever you go.

The paint on your vehicle lasts longer and looks better when you use this protection product. It helps prevent fading because it reflects the UV rays off of the vehicle. You won't even need to wax your Honda vehicle to keep it looking good.

You can also get an upgrade on the protection you choose with the Platinum Shield Paint Protection. This upgrade provides an environmental surface rust guarantee for rust that comes either from the inside out or outside in. It also provides protection against rust forming on the surface of the vehicle.

To find out more about Platinum Shield Protection, visit your local Greater Vancouver Honda Dealer - Marv Jones Honda. Talk to the staff at Marv Jones Honda who can answer your questions about the care of your new Honda vehicle. You can count on no bull, just straight talk to help you take care of one of your biggest investments.