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2015 Honda CR-Z

    2015 Honda CR-Z

  • A hybrid with a 1.5L i-VTEC engine and lithium-ion battery
  • Three-mode drive system for improved handling and control
  • HID headlights and ECO assist systems for incredible efficiency
  • Equipped with the Plus Sport System for a boost of acceleration

A hybrid vehicle for discerning drivers who want an efficiency-designed car without feeling as though it has been underpowered - the Honda CR-Z is the right option. Expertly engineered, the CR-Z launched back in 2010 to great responses from casual drivers and professionals awaiting the arrival of a hybrid that has the features to compete and surpass the existing hybrid models.

Under the hood you'll find the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine matches perfectly with its Lithium-ion battery. Inside, comfort awaits, with available leather-trimmed heated seats. Schedule your time and come down to Marv Jones Honda to test out a powerful, 3-door hatchback that has the amenities to keep you comfortable on the road and the attitude that you've been after all along.

The 2015 CR-Z

Rated as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle as defined by a governing board of environmentally-aligned experts, this is a car built today to make our future those noticeable steps brighter. All of this without neglecting sufficient horsepower and tons of customization so that when you take this vehicle home you can feel like you've added one that reflects your needs and expectations, not a generic car without personality.

Among the various standard features, note you'll have Bluetooth to give you the connectivity that modern drivers deserve. Practical and effective, this 2-seat car has enough space in the cargo to bring plenty along for the ride, with some needed emphasis on the fact that inside, you'll have more space than you would find on similar vehicles across the class. At to all of this a fuel rating as low as 6.0-L/100 km on the highway and you'll see why this has quickly become a fan favourite.

Finely Sculpted and Intelligently Designed

The 2015 Honda CR-Z offers a number of impressive technology features to make your time on the road a step above the competition. Consider, for example, the advantages you'll have when you take advantage of the three-mode driving systems, to fine-tune and accommodate for whatever the road puts in your way.

Accelerate forward with the assistance of the Plus Sport System that grants you additional pep to get ahead of the curve or those slower moving vehicles on the highway with ease. Choose between the Sport, Normal, and Eco modes and know that you have made the right decision with the Honda CR-Z. Join us at Marv Jones Honda and book a test drive for the 2015 Honda CR-Z!

Marv Jones Honda - Your Dealership for the 2015 Honda CR-Z

When you want that extra-quality in service you want Marv Jones Honda. When you want to feel welcomed and enjoy driving away with a smile on your face knowing you got the best possible experience, well, you want Marv Jones Honda.

Our dealership stands atop the rest with experts that want to give you the advice and information to make the decision that's best for you. Come down to Marv Jones Honda and take the CR-V for a test drive today and you too will see why car experts love this fantastic vehicle. Contact us today and find the vehicle that's right for you!