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2015 Honda Odyssey in Maple Ridge, BC

2015 Honda Odyssey in Maple Ridge, BC
  • Wide-Mode Adjustable 2nd Row Seats
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Honda Lane Watch Side Mirror Camera

As a top pick amongst mini vans year in and out, the 2015 Honda Odyssey continues to pave the way as a van that possesses a long list of user-friendly features while maintaining a driving platform that is worth of much more than being a family vehicle. It takes a stronger engine than many think to get a family and all the necessary sports, recreation, or technical equipment from point A to point B, but you'd never guess it with the Odyssey's quiet cabin. Throw in some of the top crash test scores of the year, and the 2015 Honda Odyssey is as good as it gets.

Wide Adjustable 2nd-Row Seats

One of the most acclaimed features of the 2015 Honda Odyssey are the new versatile 2nd-row seat capabilities. These seats have three different configurations to optimize the way that the Odyssey's interior is used. One such configuration allows you to fit up to three full-sized child seats in the single row by having the outboard seats slide out to the side. Other configurations can open up to more space by folding down some of the seats, similar to how you might arrange the 3rd-row.

Cargo Space

The 2015 Honda Odyssey is able to make room for just about anything with the variable cargo room available. In addition to ample trunk space, the next logical step is to fold down the rear 3rd row. This can be done with ease by taking advantage of the One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat. If that's not enough, the 2nd row is also removable. That amounts to storing unimaginably large items such as a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood.

Lane Departure Warning System

This camera located behind the rearview mirror, faces forward and keeps an eye on the Honda Odyssey's positioning on the road. Knowing your exact position, the Lane Departure Warning System will issue an alert if you drift into the next lane without signalling. This is just another way that Honda aims to keep you safe and on the right path.

LaneWatch Blind Spot Display

Available on the 2015 Honda Odyssey, LaneWatch Blind Spot Display reduces the passenger-side blind spot that otherwise could get you into trouble. This display is connected to a camera on the passenger-side mirror, broadcasting a live video straight to the driver. This video shows more than four times what the side mirror can.

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