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Marv Jones is proud to offer ICBC-certified repairs at our location! As today’s vehicles become more luxurious and technologically advanced, repairs become increasingly trickier. However, this is no reason for stress, as your family at Marv Jones has you covered if there’s been damage to your Honda. Our certified technicians are Honda experts, and will do everything they can to get your Honda back on the road, looking and feeling like new!

 icbc repairs at marv jones

Had An Accident And Unsure What To Do?

  • Stop! Even if you don’t think there was any damage
  • Exchange your information with the other drivers, license, registration and insurance
  • Take pictures of any damage
  • File a police report if required

Have a strange rattling in your vehicle you’ve been putting off checking out? We take our unique approach with our repairs and have your best interest in mind. Come by the shop or contact us today for an inspection and estimate, and we’ll make sure everything under that hood is running smoothly so you can focus on the road ahead!

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