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We bought our Odyssey through Marv Jones Honda. After noticing some issues with the brakes and alignment (normal wear on a used vehicle) that we didn't notice right away, I took it back expecting some push back. No problem was the answer and they got it in right away. They machined the rotors and did a free alignment for no charge and NO BS. A couple days later I got a call asking how things were going after the service. 5 Stars

Justin Dudney

a month ago

Purchased our honda there 2 years ago and it was a good experience. They made it easy and were very efficient! They even drive to your home to update your car insurance for you! Just had our car serviced as it needed a new battery and the service was wonderful! They fixed only what needed fixing and kept me updated the whole time. Thanks!!

lindsay lee

a month ago

Brought my 1991 Honda Civic SI with extremely high milage into Marv Jones Honda's service department and this department handled my car with care, and treated me professionally and with a high aptitude of integrity. Both my parents purchased their cars from Marv Jones sales department and had recommended their service. My dad owns a 2018 Honda Civic turbo and my mom a 2015 Honda Fit that they both love. Would recommend Marv Jones for both sales and service.

Gavin Thornhill

a month ago

Special thanks to Ryan Jones and the Honda team for the outstanding customer service! Today I bought a used 2017 Honda civic and Derek, my sales man, was friendly, helpful and professional. Jennifer in the business office got my loan approved quickly, efficiently, and was super friendly. Buying a car was actually a fun, low pressure experience! I am extremely happy with my new Honda! Many thanks, my family will be back!

Carly Larsen

3 months ago

I bought my own car from these guys and now my daughter bought her car from Jason. Jason is amazing, honest, helpful and knowledgeable. He gave us the best customer service and helped us to find the best option with the best price. Nick , the sales manager is a great guy, helped us like his own family members. Support Jason since he is new here and because we should support the good ones.

Fariba Saei

5 months ago

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